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2 Pastoral Perspective nave Spring Break experiences. ent groups, but interacng with incar- prison or the death penalty, but sll Delores Mission, Fr. Ted, relessly es, have commied to educang sel. All of these individuals connue to serve as inspiraon. Aer my trip, how exactly to ulize this inspiraon remained a queson. the Equal Jusce Iniave, outline a change the narrave. So far, I have reflecon helps to accomplish the last wrien by Tyler Winterich, Los Angeles, CA ASB Parcipant The ming of this trip was perfect. on. We learned that it takes 15 said No, I don t. Aerwards, I turned to Evan, a fellow parcipant stuck with me. An enre community been so insensive. I ve learned world is hurng and it s up to us to take the gis He has given us and use wrien by Emily Moll, Louisville, KY ASB Parcipant The parcipants of St. Mary Student Parish s Alternave Spring Break

3 The Week Ahead

4 Parish Life marathonsunday, March 26th 7:00 AMmarathon entrances. Please give yourself extra me to get to accessible unl the aernoon. To RSVP and purchase lunch ckets: Need freedom from past hurts, unhealthy thought paerns, healing team and/or the Sacrament of Anoinng of the Sick. MARCH MATCH MADNESS contribuon! With your help, we can raise $100,000 to Now, I sll don t quite feel like a Catholic person. And that s the most beauful thing Pick up a donaon card in the parish

5 Social Justice MinistryFaith In Action Pope Francis has said " The Church without froners, Mother to all, immigraon inclusive, supporve, and loving environment. Storytellers are not anonymous, that opon is available. for more informaon and/or if poverty with eyes of faith. Conversaons about poverty will follow. Responding to Injusce: communies played a significant role, and discover how this might Applicaon deadline 4/23 Life Center, Catholic Charies North young as 5 have parcipated in the grassroots mobilizaon effort to contact representaves through phone calls or leers on a weekly all lives regardless of immigraon/

6 Parish Life Join us for a me of praise and worship in adoraon; all those who have never aended before. Spanish praise 8:30, transioning to English aer 9. three unique sessions that explore unconvenonal

7 Parish Life Donaons Needed! + 1st Shi: 8:00am + 2nd Shi: your preferred shi, whether you need a ride of addional people you can take with you to give the above informaon and your phone basket as a special gi from St. Mary! Please In addion to Easter baskets, each meal would greatly appreciate candy donaons your Easter basket and candy donaons to Make a donaon. Special and Holy Day Collecons: Ash Wednesday (Social Jusce) Black & Nave American Around Town Diana Butler Bass draws us into conversaon about where to find God in these changing mes. What does it mean to take the Incarnaon seriously? What if been cited in the naonal media, including TIME Magazine, hp:// Quesons? Visit the First hp://

8 Graduate Students & Young Professionals (photo at le) connue meeng throughout the semester. For more informaon about the Grad/YP group, or to Create meaningful relaonships with students and Work collaboravely with students and staff on excing faith Send resume and cover leer to Lanee Mele hps:// Collegium Instute extends an invitaon to graduate students to parcipate in their examining the intersecon of science and humanies hp:// conversaons If you have any quesons, please contact

9 an Ignaan twist me for some discussion and an exploraon of where God is in your life. free to stay to study or spend me with friendswe re open unl mid- Menu for Thursday, March 23: Porkea, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes and Undergraduate Student Events Looking for unique opportunies for graduaon? We have a few opportunies to SPEND Come enact the Catholic Social Teaching of "Care for Creaon" with fellow undergrads by parcipang in Detroit Partnership (DP) Day. and every year, around 1,000+ students and volunteers parcipate in gardening, to clean up and demolion with a focus on community revitalizaon. throughout the day before returning to Ann Arbor or other locaons. Food and transportaon will be provided me for service and growing in community! AT ST. MARY Open l midnight for around authenc conversaons, real relaonships, and restoring faith. community by creang open, year Come for God, stay for Nelix! Campus Community will be starng a Nelix series together. We will watch every week aer the 9:00 PM

10 St. Mary Student Parish Staff Lanee Mele Receponist and Administrave Alicia Frenee Briany Tobias Communicaons Director Leonor Casllo Kromis Hispanic/Lano RCIA & Confirmaon Coordinator Operaons Manager Ma Chin Elpido Adrian, Marcelo Alvarez, Mariana Alvarez, Ione Ambrose, Dee Ana, Fred Andes, Geri Arnold, Kevin Arway, Newton Averion, Orlando Averion, Zenaida Averion, Jeanne Barry, Linda Blatnik, Pat Battista, Jenn Belczak, Kim Benoit, Philip Bentley, Benjamin Besa, Lauren Dittrich Bilyeu, Katie Bischoff, Gary Boelstler, Yvonne Boelster, Doug Brannan, Joan Brown-Alexander, Joan Campbell, Celia Capay, Rebecca Ronquillo Chaparro, Rick Chapman, Shenlin Chen, Hyun Sook Choi, Francyn Chomic, Carol Clark, James Dali Clark, Betty Cleveland, Juan Contreras, Molly Cook, Aimee Cruz, Randy Cupp, Irene DaDeppo, Ronald Dawson, Lori DeFour, Anna DenBoer, Simone Elizabeth Dysinger, Bonnie Dunkelburger, Nathalie Ertel, Dennis Farmer, Patti Feeney, Mary Forgacs, Peter Gallucci, Cecelia Garcia, Javier Garcia, Leticia Garcia, Carmen Garduno Bonquillo, Debbie Gilbert, Gayle Granke, Ken Granke,Sheila Grant, Bethany Grates, Sophia and Senovia Guevara, Marianna Hann, Adam Heskett, Berta Herrera, Donovan Hickrod, Mario Hilton, Stephen Hosken, Bonnie Irvin, Alejandro Islas, Roshney Jain, Anne Marie Jamili, David Johnson, Thor Johnson, Nickie Jones, Alfred Juarez, Dan Karczewski, Ron Karczewski, Mark Kintz, Brandan Kirma, Mary Koral, Meghan O Neil Kuebler, Leah Kulhanek, Art Lamey, Bernice Lamey, Tom Larson, Amira Lehavy, Daniel Leung, Joan Lesneski, Daniel Lienert, Brianna Liker, Janice Linton, Augustin Ronquillo Lopez, Maryjo Lum, Ed Manning, Kathryn Marsh, Makayla May, Bill McCann, Abby McDonough, Sarah McPharlin, Helen Meador, Valentine Meda, Steve Messiter, Irene Mike, Rio Miles, Rosemarie Milles, Susan Morales, Christina Morton, Harrison Morton, Chuck Munchurian, Gina Murillo, Fred Murphy, Mary Natrella, Jan Olsavsky Kipp, Joan Opiela, Antonio Osorio, Joyce Ann Pethan, Elizabeth Pidgeon, Anne Piehl, Kay Pineiro, Monica Pointer, Jake Powell, John Pridnia, Noah Purdy, Chester Pyzik, Irene Pyzik, Mario Ramos, James Ryan, Basillio Rodriguez, Isabel Rodriguez, Rowena Rodriguez, Melissa Roy, Minati Roy, Steve Schaefer, Cynthia Schlaupitz, John Schwannakee, Sr. Eugene Schwartz, Therese Sheffield, Don Shelton, Joseph Slawski, Eddie Smith, Elmer Spreitzer, Liam St. John, Mackenzie Stothers, Mary Swander, Joseph Sweetman, Gerald Tilson, Victoria Tomalia, Fred Tomcala, Donna Turnmier, Robert Uriarte, Marco Victoriano, Pota Vlatos, Hayden Watkins, Nathanial Watt, Mary Loretta Weg, Jack Winter, Lisa Wolf-Novak, Mary Yacu, Imelda Yap, Linda Zara, and Kathy Zukowski To add or remove a name: or call the office

11 Sunday Readings Jesus sasfies our thirst for eternal life. Through his sasfies the thirst of the Israelites whose hearts had the grace of bapsm. The adversements that appear completely defray all publishing costs with which the church would Family owned & Operated since 1992 Phone: Multiple Locations and Floorplans Comfortable Modern furnishings available EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE Contact Judee (800) x6319 Ann Arbor Pharmacy 2355 E. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor, MI Phone: Fax: Mon. - Fri. 9am - 7pm Sat: 9am-3pm CABINET & COUNTERTOP Del Young Full-Time, Ann Arbor cell/text ABR, CSP, GREEN, CRS, CNE 3-D-4-3 For ad info. call /a

12 or How can we help you? MARC TARAS PARISHIONER USED RECORDS AND CD S BUY - SELL & TRADE LP - CD & DVDS MONDAY - SATURDAY 10 AM - 9 PM, SUNDAY 12 NOON - 8 PM 617B PACKARD (UPSTAIRS ABOVE PASTRY PEDDLER) Sparrow Meats Meat Cutting Since Produce Meat 407 N. Fifth Ave Ann Arbor All Occasion Flowers Plants Cards Religious & Inspirational Gifts OWNER: TIM GALEA - PARISH MEMBER LOCAL & WORLDWIDE DELIVERY Ann Arbor 2558 W. Stadium at Jackson (9a-6p, Mon-Sat) Ypisilanti 2900 Washtenaw (8a-7p, Mon-Sat, Sun 11a-3p) 113 East Ann St. Ann Arbor, MI New York Pizza DePot 605 E. William Open Every Day! 10am-4am S Main St. Plymouth /7 EMERGENCY SERVICE SPECIALTY ITALIAN FOODS 512 E WILLIAM ST Making a Home Purchase? Receive a 24-hour underwriting decision for residential loans * when purchasing a home though our community bank. Stephen Lange Ranzini President St. Mary s Parishioner PHONE (734) WEBSITE YOUR HOME TOWN INDEPENDENT BANK 2015 WASHTENAW AVENUE, ANN ARBOR * All finance transactions and pre-approvals are subject to credit approval and acceptable appraisals. MUEHLIG FUNERAL CHAPEL Serving Washtenaw County Since 1852 Advanced Planning Find us on Facebook & Twitter Mgr. Clayne D. Frazer G.M. Timothy McGillen 403 S Fourth Ave B3 CONSTRUCTION LLC Commercial & Residential Licensed & Insured BRANDON PHLEEGER Free Estimates (586) ANN ARBOR (734) PRECISION CLIMATE SERVICES, INC. Mechanical Contractor PO BOX 48 Pinckney Serving Breakfast All Day, Every Day! Open 7am-3pm 7 Days a Week Where mornings become delicious 1015 Broadway (734) Since 1951 Our Name is Your Guarantee THIS SPACE IS ACE BARNES HARDWARE 2105 W STADIUM WASHTENAW A Smile Is A Valuable Resource Shannon Norman-Kotre, DDS, PARISHIONER 2240 S. Huron Parkway Ann Arbor (734) D-4-3 For ad info. call /a